The VR Difference: Master Operator


"The cycle of growth between the owner and operator of the Centre, the retailers and the consumers leads to our Centres being a focal point for the community. The relationship of mutual success creates a virtuous cycle, and hence the name Virtuous Retail."

-- Sid Yog
Founder & Chairman
Virtuous Retail

Virtuous Retail, known for its 'Master Operator' approach with a dual focus on retailer and consumer communities, has redefined the retail experience for the city with VR Chennai.

The company's 13.4 million square feet portfolio of high performing retail environments house 1000+ of brands brought together from across India and the world. The portfolio has so far been visited by millions of shoppers, generating billions in revenue for our retailers.

Virtuous Retail provides its retail partners the ideal platform to showcase their brands and to its consumers the perfect "third place, after home and office.

VR Chennai, spreads across 2 million square feet and offers a wide spectrum of experiences across retail, F&B, entertainment, services, amenities and more.

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